What Steps Should a Driver Take During a Hit and Run Accident?

Did you get into a hit and run accident? Another driver may have slammed into your vehicle, causing extensive damage. Instead of stopping and exchanging information with you, the driver of that vehicle decided to take off, leaving you feeling scared, angry, and upset over the ordeal. Amid everything that was going on, you might not have been able to gather the other driver's license plate number to give to the police when making a report.

Windshield Glass And Window Glass Are Different Kinds Of Glass For Your Safety

The glass that you find on your car's windshield isn't the same kind of glass that you find in your house's windows. There are a couple of different reasons for that. Safety Glass One reason that the glass in your windshield is different from the glass in the windows of your house is the fact that the glass composition is slightly different. The glass in the windshield will have gone through additional treatments, including some kind of chemical hardening.