What Steps Should a Driver Take During a Hit and Run Accident?

Did you get into a hit and run accident? Another driver may have slammed into your vehicle, causing extensive damage. Instead of stopping and exchanging information with you, the driver of that vehicle decided to take off, leaving you feeling scared, angry, and upset over the ordeal. Amid everything that was going on, you might not have been able to gather the other driver's license plate number to give to the police when making a report. Now that you have a damaged vehicle, you need to know what to do to get through this stressful situation.

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

Even if you did not cause the accident, you will need to contact your auto insurance company to let them know what happened. If you have collision coverage, the company can help you pay for the cost of fixing your vehicle. Having collision coverage will come in handy for you in a situation like this when a motorist leaves the scene and does not bother to give you his or her insurance information. After contacting the insurance company, you can find out how much of the damages they will cover.

2. Have Your Vehicle Taken to the Auto Repair Shop

Waste no time getting your vehicle to an auto repair shop like Downtown Garage & Auto Body to get the work done. Some repairs are going to take longer than others, and you might not know how much work you need to have done to your vehicle until the experts let you know. These are some of the things you might need to have done to your vehicle at the auto shop:

  • Realigning the vehicle. During an accident, misalignment can occur, making it difficult for you to navigate easily inside your vehicle.
  • Changing the tires. Sometimes tires become severely damaged in an accident and will need replacing.
  • Pulling out dents. It is common for vehicles involved in accidents to have some dents on them, but the experts know how to pull them out and reapply paint to the vehicle.
  • Replacing bumpers. The other driver may have smashed into the bumper on the front or back of your vehicle. If so, the experts can replace them or repair them based on the extent of the damage.

If you get into an accident and the other driver speeds off to avoid the consequences of causing the accident, you still need to contact your insurance company to tell them about the situation. You must bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop where you can make sure it gets fixed, too.