Need A New Wood Chipper? 4 Reasons To Buy A Custom Chipper Truck

If you're in the market for a new wood chipper, don't settle on a standard model. Choose a custom chipper truck instead. Custom chipper trucks let you choose the features you need. A custom chipper also ensures that you'll get durability and strength from your new chipper. If you're not sure you need a custom chipper truck, read the list here. You'll find four ways a custom chipper can improve performance and safety. 

Get the Size You Need

When it comes to buying a chipper truck, size is one of the first things you should consider. Size is important when it comes to the types of projects you focus on. If you plan to do a lot of land cleaning projects, you'll want to choose a large-capacity chipper truck. If you handle residential projects, A mid-capacity chipper truck will suit your needs. That's why buying a custom chipper truck is so beneficial. When you buy a custom chipper truck, you can get the size you need for your projects. 

Choose the Type of Chipper

If you're ready to buy a chipper truck, be sure to choose the right type of chipper. There are two basic types of chippers. Those are disc chippers and drum chippers. The disc chipper uses knife-life blades to chop wood into small chips. If you're going to be processing large branches and logs, the disc chipper is a good option.

Drum chippers have a steel drum that feeds wood through to the chipper. This type of chipper works well when you process large and small branches and logs. That's because there are no teeth for small branches to squeeze through. Drum chippers also create uniform chips. That's good when you want to use chips for landscaping purposes. 

Upgrade Safety Features

If you're going to buy a new chipper truck, be sure to upgrade the safety features. One benefit of buying a custom chipper truck is you can make sure it has the safety features you need for your crew. Two safety features to look for include longer feed tables and upper feed control bars. 

Get the Right Options

Now that you want to buy a new chipper truck, you want to get the right accessories. One way to do that is to buy a custom chipper truck. Buying a custom chipper truck lets you add the features you need and want. Two options to consider include corrosion-resistant coatings and storage space for tools. You can add any extra features you want when you buy a custom chipper truck. 

Look through some custom chipper truck designs to find an option that works for you.