2 Benefits of Applying Vinyl Wrapping to Your Car

While you may love your car, you may have decided that its body needs a change and had been thinking about getting it a paint job. However, you may feel that you should not do so because you are afraid that changing the paint may alter the resale or trade-in value if you decide to sell the vehicle in the future. If so, consider the benefits of having vinyl wrapping applied to the body to change its style.

Helpful Tips for Paying for Collision Repair

If your vehicle has been wrecked or if it has some other type of body damage, you might be hoping to take it to a collision repair service. However, you might be concerned about how much collision repair is going to cost and how you are going to pay for it. If you need advice about paying for collision repair, consider the helpful tips below. Find an Affordable Collision Repair Service

Benefits Of Repairing Small Car Dings At The Auto Body Shop

When you have a car that just has a few minor dings in it, you should still consider taking your vehicle to the auto body shop for repairs. Small dings and dents are often easier to repair than larger damages, which smaller dents can eventually turn into. While you can repair some car damages at home and save money in some cases, for the most part, it's best to have your small car dings repaired at an auto body shop.

Deer Collisions Cost Michigan Drivers More Than Millions Each Year

There are about two million deer in Michigan and they love to come out between dusk and dawn to play tag with your vehicle. The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning estimates that the reported 48,000 deer collisions every year costs consumers to file an average of $4,300 per insurance claim. That's enough car body repair to keep Michigan auto shops in business for a long time. It's also estimated that vehicle-deer crashes cost Michiganders $130 million a year.