Things You Should Know When Calling for A Tow

Cars and trucks can break down as they get older and parts begin to wear. The best defense against breakdowns is good vehicle maintenance, but if you do have a situation that requires you to call a towing service, there are some things you should know before making the call.

Location of Your Car

It is essential that you determine where you are when getting ready to call a towing service to assist you. Landmarks, mile marker posts, and exit ramp numbers are all helpful and will make it easier for the driver to find you.

If you are on the highway in some cities, the area you are in could span twenty miles because the road may run through the entire city. If you can tell the dispatcher you are at a specific mile marker or that you can see a company or building from your location, they can let the driver know, so they start looking for you in the right area.

Not only will the information help the driver locate you, but it can also significantly shorten the amount of time you are going to sit on the road waiting for them to arrive. If you can not see the exit ramp or mile markers, most mapping apps on your phone will show those, and the GPS will show your position with those points. 

Nature of the Breakdown

When you call a towing service for help, be sure to let them know what the problem is. If you have a flat tire, the driver may change your tire or fix the flat on the spot. However, if the car is smoking and you heard a loud noise in the engine, it is a good bet that the vehicle will need towing to a garage for repairs. 

The type of breakdown can help the dispatcher determine whether to send a service truck, a tow truck, or a flatbed to help in your situation. You don't need to be precise in your description, but describing what happened when the vehicle stopped can often be all the information the towing service needs to get the best truck out to help you.

Towing Costs

When you call a towing service for assistance, it is vital to ask what the cost is for the service. In most cases, you need to pay for the service when they complete the tow, so it is crucial to be prepared for that. If you do not have the money for the tow, have a family member or friend call the towing service and give them a credit card to charge it to, or you might want to have someone bring you cash. 

If you are not prepared to pay for the towing service, the operator can impound the car until the bill is paid and then charge you to move the car to a repair shop.