A Few Good Reasons For A Contracted Fleet Maintenance Company

Your trucks are your money makers, and they need to be on the road to make you any money. That is why it is so important to keep each and every truck in good working condition. There are a few different ways that you can keep each truck up and running at top performance. You can perform all of the maintenance yourself, you can have an in house mechanic that performs all the maintenance, or you can contract the maintenance to professional maintenance company. There are benefits to each of the solutions, but this article will outline a few reasons that having a professional fleet maintenance company take care of the mechanic work, may just be the best choice for you:


One of the most important aspects of commercial fleet repair is that all of the vehicles are on a specific regime. You want all of your trucks to have their oil changed at the same milage, by the same technician, and with the same oil. Consistency through the entire fleet will allow you to keep better tabs on the trucks and the maintenance that they are going through. Routine maintenance is a must, and it is nice to know exactly when and what the trucks will go through.

Mechanics Have Working Fleet Knowledge

Since the same mechanics will be working on the trucks continuously, they will log all information about the trucks. The mechanics will know each truck very well, and will make it easier for the mechanics to diagnose any problems, but also allow them to get the truck back on the road faster. If a truck is having reoccurring problems, the mechanics will be able to continually look at the truck and make suggestions on what to do with the trucks. To put it simply, your entire fleet will be optimized in regards to repair.

Traveling Mechanics

Since your mechanic work is being contracted out, it is possible that you will have a traveling mechanic through the company. A traveling mechanic is often the best mechanic that a company has. This means that if a truck breaks down on the side of the road, the mechanic from your maintenance company will be on the way to fix the problem. Either on the side of the road or at the nearest shop. Having a traveling mechanic can give you and your drivers a little more peace of mind being out on the road.