Using Your Vehicle to Advertise Your DJ Business

If you are a disc jockey, chances are you want to inform those in your community about your business in an attempt to gain customers. One way to gain attention of those in the area is by using your vehicle to advertise. This allows people to be informed about your services, perhaps landing you a few jobs to entertain people at parties being thrown. Here are some ways you can use to make your vehicle stand out in a crowd so you get additional customers simply by driving through your town.

Invest in Magnetic Signs

If you are just getting started with your business, you may be wary about changing the appearance of your vehicle in a drastic way in case you do not continue in your endeavors. Additionally, if you use the vehicle for reasons other than business, having a non-permanent advertising method might be best. Purchase magnetic signs to adhere to the sides of your vehicle with your company information included in the design work. These signs can be moved around to different spots on your vehicle to help keep the paint job from fading. If you purchase a few different designs, you can swap signs whenever you wish. You can also move the signs to different vehicles when needed.

Design a Permanent Design

Some people find that painting their entire vehicle to showcase their DJ business is a great way to gain additional clients. Have a sign-designing business help you come up with a splashy background incorporating musical notes, headphones, or speakers into the mix. Using bright colors will instantly project the feeling of entertainment, making the thought of hiring you as a DJ look like a great way to have some fun. The design will be tailored especially for your vehicle's make and model so that wording and pictures are not obscured by bends in the body. A car wrap with your personal design can then be applied to your vehicle to give it a smashing new appearance.

Affix Lettering to Your Windows

One way to gain attention without doing a permanent alteration to your vehicle is with the use of stick-on letters. These letters are applied directly to your vehicle's glass panes, making this a great way to advertise without ruining your vehicle's paint job in the process. Letters should be in a light color on a tinted glass pane if possible. This will gain the most attention when driving. The black-and-white coloring also exudes the feeling of class, making those who are hosting weddings or corporate events likely to call you for a quotation. Make sure to put the letters on the back window so vehicles behind you will read about your services when stopped at traffic lights or stop signs.

Contact companies like Aggressive Graphics for more information about sign options.