Touch-Up Options After An Auto Collision

If you are in an auto collision, you may be left with a few cosmetic issues at the least. For instance, small dents and paint scratches can take away from the value and beauty of your vehicle. Here are some options for taking care of these cosmetic issues. 

Taking Care of the Dent

First, you'll want to consider the best way to fix your car dent. Taking it to an auto body shop is one of the most convenient options. They can do a quick fix potentially, such as a paintless dent repair where they will use soft hammers to gently mold the metal back into place. If the dent is deeper, then you may need to replace the metal panel and get it repainted. 

If you have several dents, you might want to consider getting dent repair coverage added to your insurance plan; it may be cheaper than the cost of fixing several separate dent spots. Unlimited dent repair is another coverage option that can help you to get multiple dents repaired now and in the future. 

Fixing Up the Paint

Paint touch-ups may also be needed in the case of paint chips or scratches. Some people choose to do their own paint touch-ups using paint supplies from their auto body repair shop. You might want to get specific instructions first on how many paint coats and primer coats you should apply, based on the color and type of paint you're using. You can also consult the shop to make sure that you're getting the right color of paint for your make and model. 

If you don't have the time to do your own coating of paint or the job turns out less than perfect, note that an auto body repair shop can do a great job of touching up paint chips. They will have specialized equipment for sanding down the area and drying it quickly, and they can usually fix an amateur paint job pretty easily. 

Getting a Joint Deal

Dents and paint touch-ups often go hand-in-hand, so it can be beneficial to find an auto repair center that can handle them both. Most auto body shops should be equipped to do both. Collision repair centers are another great option; they can be helpful if you have some mechanical issues in addition to the cosmetic damage, since they are equipped to handle a full range of auto repair issues. 

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