Pros & Cons Of A Soft-Top Vs. Hardtop Convertible

Convertible cars can be a lot of fun. There is nothing like putting the top down in the summertime and feeling the wind on your face. If you're thinking about buying one, you might be wavering between a hardtop and a soft-top. You need to know the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision.


Soft-tops don't kill much of the road noise while you are driving around. The hardtop gives you the quiet of any other car on the road, but the soft-top makes the car much louder while you're driving around. If you like peace and quiet, or you want to listen to music without cranking it up too loud, you might not want to go the soft-top route.


If you decide to buy a hardtop convertible, a retractable hardtop is your best bet. This will allow you to push a button and make the hardtop retract or go back in place. It's great if you live in an area that has unpredictable weather. There is nothing like getting caught in a sudden downpour in a convertible. Hardtops that you have to remove manually are difficult. Some people have a hard time doing it themselves and need a second person to help. Soft-tops are much easier to retract because you can push them back instead of breaking your back to remove the heavy top from the car.


Hardtops are usually more expensive to both purchase and repair, especially if you buy a retractable one. For example, the Mazda MX-5 Miata comes in both manual soft-top and retractable hardtop. The soft-top is just over $23,000 and the hardtop adds another $4,000 to the price. Jeeps have manual soft and hardtops. The wrangler hardtop is usually around $700 more than the soft-top. If you're on a tight budget, you will have better luck finding a soft-top that you can afford.


When it comes to aesthetics, it all boils down to personal taste. Hardtops are practical. Many people like them because they make the convertible look like a "regular car", and the top blends in with the rest. However, that's precisely why some people prefer the soft-tops. They feel that the hardtop causes the car to lose the convertible look, and they like their car to look like a convertible, even when the top is on.

As you can see, both the hardtop and soft-top convertibles have their perks and their drawbacks. Try driving around in both to see what you prefer before making your decision. Contact a business, such as Fred's Auto Interiors, for more information.