What You Need To Fix Fiberglass Car Bodies

Most cars have fiberglass bumpers for a simple reason. Fiberglass is a flexible product that is less likely to crack or ding, and it is easy to repair. Fiberglass bumpers are much more practical than metal. This is why bumper repair is easier than repairing the metal parts of a car body. You just need a few simple tools and safety equipment. This article explains the tools and chemicals that you need to patch holes in fiberglass. 

Choosing the Right Fiberglass Resin

When choosing fiberglass resin you need to make sure you by a clear coat. You don't want a solid color. It is also very important to get a resin that includes the hardener. Most of the time, it is sold in a kit, with a smaller tube for the hardener. Fiberglass resin with hardener premixed is available, but it is not as popular. When you use a resin with separate hardener, you need to measure and mix it yourself. You do this right before you apply the resin because it dries very quickly.

Since, the hardening time will vary depending on how much hardener is added, it is best to practice before you start to work on your actual bumper. If the resin dries too slowly, it will remain runny and won't dry as hard. If you mix in too much hardener, it might be difficult to spread the resin before it becomes unworkable. This is why it is a good idea to practice mix and spreading the resin on a piece of throwaway wood.


Fiberglass cloth is sold in various sizes. Always by a little more than you think you need because the cloth needs to overlap the hole. Also, this allows you to add a second layer of cloth if the hole needs reinforcement.

Mixing Supplies

To mix and spread the resin, you will need a small mix tray. This should be about the size of a butter dish. You will also need a small plastic or wooden mixing stick and a spreader. The spread is about the size of a credit card. A simple kit can be found that includes all three tools.

Rubber Sander

After you apply the fiberglass, and it dries, you will need to sand it. Using a rubber sanding block allows you to mold and smooth out the edges so they match the car's curves. For autobody work, you will want extremely high grit sandpaper, over 1000 grit.

If you are interested in fixing your car bumper, start off by getting all of these supplies. It is a simple DIY auto repair that is affordable and easy. For further assistance, contact a local auto body repair shop, such as Aldrich Auto Body & Repair, Inc.