3 Things To Know About The Auto Parts Used During Collision Repair

Although a car accident takes only a few seconds to occur, it can result in thousands of dollars of damage to the vehicles involved. If you were not at fault for the accident, you may have the right to choose the collision repair center that performs the necessary work on your vehicle, but this is not the only right you will have. You may also be able to choose the type of parts you want the shop to use for the repairs:

The types of parts used in collision repair

There are two main types of parts used in auto and collision repairs. The first type is called original manufacturer parts (OEM). These parts are made directly by the manufacturer of the car and are more expensive; however, they are preferred because they are exact parts.

The other option is called aftermarket parts. These parts are made by part manufacturing companies, and they are not exact parts. They may look very similar, but they are not always exactly the same. Aftermarket parts are often easier to find and less expensive, but they are not always the best types of parts to use.

The parts insurance companies recommend

When an insurance company has to pay for the damages to a vehicle, they will send an adjuster to inspect the car to see what it needs. The adjuster is responsible for calculating an estimate for repairs, and this estimate will include the cost of parts and labor.

To save money, insurance adjusters will usually base their estimates on using aftermarket parts, because this saves them money. If you were the driver responsible for the accident, you may not have a say in what types of parts are used to make your repairs. If you were not at fault, though, you may be able to request OEM parts for the repairs.

The body shop may also have a preference

Some bodies shop will only use OEM parts for repairs. If this is the case, the shop may negotiate directly with the insurance adjuster about this issue. Many collision repair shops only use OEM parts because they fit better. If they try to install aftermarket parts and the parts do not fit properly, it will cost them time. They will have to remove the parts and wait for new parts to come in. Because of this, the shop may only use OEM parts during collision repair.

If you choose a shop like this, you can be certain that aftermarket parts will not be installed in your vehicle. To learn more about collision repair, contact a repair shop in your area. To learn more, contact a company like Central Body Co Inc. with any questions you have.